7 Night Family Tours

Here at Irish Tourism we enjoy exploring Ireland with our families and we think that you and your family will like it too! That is why we have created this fine selection of family centered tours. Touring Ireland with kids will be the family vacation of a lifetime. Ireland is a land of magic, folklore and fairies with the odd leprechaun thrown in for good measure. The climate of Ireland lends itself perfectly to chasing endless pots of gold at the end of countless rainbows and exploring the myriad castle ruins that dot the island of Ireland. Unlike the historic buildings and monuments in many countries that remain off limits to human touch, the ancient landmarks of Ireland are begging to be explored by inquisitive minds both young and old. Vacationing in Ireland with kids however isn't only about historical landmarks. From exploring caves to walking our miles and miles of pristine beaches. From surfing to horse riding on sandy beaches and cross country bike rides, your time spent in Ireland with kids will be a vacation to remember forever.

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