Ballintubber Abbey is situated two kilometres northeast of the village of Ballintubber, County Mayo in Ireland. Founded in 1216 by Cathal Crovderg O'Connor, Ballintubber Abbey is an important sacred Irish historical site which will celebrate its 800 year anniversary in 2016. 

When St Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland in c.441AD, he founded a church at Ballintubber. The present Abbey was founded in 1216 by King Cathal O'Conor. It is the only church in Ireland still in daily use that was founded by an Irish king.

Visit Ballintubber Abbey, known as “the Abbey that refused to die.” Through its many vicissitudes, including burning by Cromwell's army in 1653, the Abbey has remained a place of worship despite years of continuous attacks and religious repression.

The abbey has several modern outdoor attractions, including a very modern abstract Way of the Cross, an underground permanent Crib, and a Rosary Way.

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