Bed and Breakfast Vouchers Ireland

Are you looking for a vacation in Ireland where you are not restricted to pre-booked accommodation?

If so, Go-As-You-Please Ireland B&B Vouchers are for you. The ideal alternative for the independent traveller, Go-As-You-Please Ireland B&B Vouchers provide total flexibility, offering the most affordable choice of accommodation.From as little as €43 per person, these B&B vouchers of Ireland offer the most affordable option while touring Ireland.

How does it work?

You receive open B&B vouchers that can be used at over 600 B&B Ireland, Irish Tourist Board approved B&B accommodation throughout Ireland. You can pre-book any of the B&Bs before you depart home or simply book each night when you are here in Ireland. It is a good idea to pre-book your first night and it is advisable to pre-book Dublin B&Bs 3/4 weeks in advance. Unlike previous years, from the beginning of 2017, Irish Tourism Group customers will not be asked to pay a location or a classification supplement, so if you use your vouchers in County Dublin B&B's or in our approved B&B's, 3 star B&B's, 4 star B&B's or even our 5 star B&B's there will be no supplement to pay at the B&B. This is not the case with other tour operators and agents where you will be required to pay a supplement. B&B vouchers can only be purchased when combined with car rental.

Only give a refund for unused B&B Vouchers

In the event that vouchers are unused and returned to a full refund will be given, less an administration fee of €10 per voucher. B&B Ireland Vouchers are refundable for a period of 12 months from date of issue.

And don't forget to ask our locally based travel advisors about our combination packages that may also include a night in an Irish Castle as well as car rental inclusive rates.

Prebooked Accommodation?

You may also wish to prebook all of your accommodations along a predetermined route (predetermined by either yourself or with our assistance and advice of your travel advisor). If so, please call our offices in Ireland Tollfree. Our experienced staff will be delighted to help you organise your trip to Ireland.