Blarney is a village in south of Ireland, located just 8km of Cork City. Blarney is set in beautiful wooded countryside, steeped in history and magical charm offers the visitor a host of wonderful things to do and places to discover. 

The Centre of the village is dominated by The Square which is one of the finest things that impresses the first time visitors.  Blarney is one of the few villages in Ireland which has such a fine amenity, and today it continues to be a focal point of village life.

Blarney village is a major tourist attraction in County Cork. For many visitors one of the priorities is to kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in order to receive the gift of “the Blarney” or known as the “gift of the gab” as the locals call it.

“There is a stone that whoever kisses never misses to grow eloquent, he may clamber to a lady’s chamber or become a member of parliament”.

The Blarney Castle is situated in a thousand acre park with magnificent woodland, fern gardens, lake, magnificent perio house and of course the stories of a thousand years with druids, witches and more. This is an ideal place to take walks to enjoy the clean fresh environment of Blarney.

To those who do not know Ireland, the title “village” does not do justice to Blarney, a village which has played a keen and enthusiastic role in Irish Tourism for over one hundred years. Blarney continues to be widely known internationally, even in places where the word ‘Ireland’ may not be fully understood.

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