Bosta (Bostadh) Iron Age House is located in the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Herbrides part of Scotland. In 1993 in the midst of a great storm, the beach at Bostadh was reconfigured which it revealed a vast amount of stonework within the sand dunes. The site in 1996 was excavated and a series of preserved houses, some intact were founded. The main housing village of four properties were established and it was recognised that these would have been settled during the 6th-9th centuries AD (a period described variously as Late Iron Age, or Pictish-period.

During the excavation dig and all the environmental information that was found, it was able to produce a picture of the lifestyle that was had by villagers during that time, who lived by mixing farming, fishing, hunting and collecting seafood and sea birds. The site had a Viking house from which the name 'Bostadh' (meaning farm in Old Norse) presumably derived. 

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