Bunratty Winery is located behind Bunratty Folk Park. This is the only commercial winery in Ireland.

Bunratty Mead was first discovered by Irish Monks in the middle ages. Mead, also spelled meade, has long been called the drink of the High Kings of Ireland. In fact, a form of mead has been around since before the time of Christ. Its seductive aroma is the result of marrying the pure honey and fruit of the vine together with selected herbs, to create this sensual liqueur. In olden times the bride and groom drank Mead for one full moon after their wedding, hence the term honeymoon. Mead is believed to have magical powers of fertility and virility!

Potcheen - The original treasured Irish clear smooth spirit which was banned in Ireland since 1661, is now legal. Distilled for centuries for its smooth extra strong taste, this fine potcheen - the first to be legally produced and bottled in Ireland - in now available for the rest of the world to savour. It has an impressive nose, not unlike that of fermenting mash in a brewery. Its taste is dry and grainy with a delightful changing aftertaste that sweetens as it develops.

Bunratty Mead and Potcheen brands are also available at Duty Free Shops and selected stores.

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