Caernarfon Castle is well known globally as being one of the greatest buildings from the Middle Ages. The castle is a fortress located in North-West Wales and under the care of the Welsh Governments historic environment service. In 1283 King Edward 1 of England started replacing the current stone structures that was previously a motte and bailey castle during the 11th century. The project took over 47 years to construct and cost an eye catching £25,000.
In North Wales the castle was the administrative centre and because of this, the defence structure was built on a large scale. It was designed to be able to withstand assault and the castle structure and the castle itself was born out of a bitter war with Welsh princes. The walls and King’s Gate were specifically designed to withstand assault. Caernarfon is said to be like no other castle in Wales after 700 years it is known as a castle of dreams.


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