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Car Club Group Tours of Ireland

Ireland, the perfect destination for your car club group tour!

Imagine driving some of the most picturesque routes in the world – lush green scenery, challenging roads and small villages that have hardly changed over time.  Put that together with the natural friendliness of its people and you have the perfect destination for a Car Club Group Tour Ireland!

Whether you are part of a classic car club, vintage club or luxury car club the Irish Tourism Group can tailor make the perfect group itinerary for your group. We specialise in custom making tours of Ireland for both groups and individuals and have already arranged several Car Club vacations in Ireland ranging from 3 nights to 12 nights.

Each of our Car Club Tours includes a comprehensive souvenir book containing a daily itinerary, route maps and general information of the area, sites and attractions you may like to visit and is customised to suit your club’s individual requirements. We can also arrange discounted cross channel ferries for you & your members.

In the following pages you will find some sample car club itineraries, these can be adjusted or transformed according to your car club’s specific requirements, budget or tastes. Please do get in touch with us for a quotation specific to your needs.

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