CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory - the Space for Science is Cork’s fun and exciting location to learn about the Universe. Today the Castle is a science centre and is home to Cosmos at the Castle, an award winning interactive astronomy exhibition which highlights recent scientific discoveries and their implications for life in outer space.

You can send a Message to Space at the Pan Galactic Station and it will be sent at your command via the Castle’s radio telescope and beamed towards nearby stars with known planets in orbit around them.

The Castle is also home to The Comet Chaser, Ireland’s first interactive theatre. In this cinematic gaming experience, you make decisions that directly influence the design of a vital space mission to divert a comet on a crash course to collide with Earth. Using scientific principles to make critical decisions along the way, players in The Comet Chaser determine the outcome of the game.

To see the areas that still remain as a Castle then ‘behind the scenes’ guided tours take place at set times only.  During the summer months the tours take place at 13.30 and 15.30 daily and at winter they only take place at weekends and bank holidays at 13.30 and 15.30 also.  Your tour guide will bring the past present and future together and take you down to the Dungeon, a National Monument out on to the lower roof where you can take in views of Cork Harbour.

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