Corkagh Park is located near the Naas road stretching towards Clondalkin, in County Dublin. Opened to the public in 1986, it consists of 120 hectares and was formerly part of Corkagh Demense. 

The landscape of the park is typical of estate parkland in appearance, with large open expanses of grassland.  Panoramic views through the Park's flat to gently undulating scenery lead the eye to the foothills of the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains.  The landscape is also part of the flood plain of the River Camac, which flows through the park in an easterly direction on its way to the River Liffey.  It fed a number of mills in the area which are now in ruins.  The adjacent lands contain the ruins of mills which were used for making gunpowder, oil and various other products, and it is intended to redevelop these as well as the walled garden and former courtyards of the demesne as an enterprise and heritage centre.

Corkagh Playground is located in the heart of Corkagh Park, bordering a woodland and stream, the setting is very picturesque and people of all ages visit it for play and picnics. This is a large playground providing play opportunities for both junior (two-six years) and senior (six-twelve years) age groups. Additionally Corkagh Pet Farm is located near the visitor centre and rose garden and is home to an aviary and animal enclosure for housing a range of farm animals and pets.

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