The Cotswolds Region

The Cotswolds is a large unspoiled region and one of the most enchanting natural settings in Britain, with its farm fields and rolling hills, it is a stunning area of Natural beauty. The area runs between six English counties, Bath, North East Somerset, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. It is dotted with small towns and villages built with Cotswold Stone (yellow limestone which is rich in fossils) acting as a common thread blending them into the landscape.

In the middle ages the area was very prosperous in the wool trade; a lot of this money was put into the building of Churches so there are many of these so called “Wool Churches” all over the Cotswolds.   The area remains rich and prosperous and has attracted many wealthy people including Kate Moss, JK Rowling and Kate Winslet and many who have retired here or bought second homes.  

Castle Combe is one of the small villages in the Cotswolds renowed for its charm made famous as the setting for the Movie “The War Horse”.

A Trip to the Cotswolds is a must for anyone vacationing in Britain!

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