Wouldn’t it be just out-of-this-world to step into a time-machine and land in medieval or Tudor Ireland (depending on the season)? In tandem with our friendly tour guides, actors from Deilig Inis Living History Theatre Company are on site all year round to enlighten, entertain and engage you. The actors bring life to history by bringing history to life.

Situated just 10 miles from the city centre, at the southern end of Dublin Bay and right on the DART line, reaching this classy suburb is hassle free and well worth the scenic journey.

Medieval past is brought to life at the award-winning Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre where daily Living History Tours are played out against the evocative backdrop of the 15th Century fortified Town House. Grab your camera and climb the battlements for great views of the mountain, sea, and Dalkey Island.

Discover Dalkey’s Tudor Secrets! Be horrified at the welcome to Dalkey Castle underneath the Murder Hole! 

Don’t be frightened at the Ghost – it is a friendly Ghost! 

A Merchant visits Begnet’s Church each day in search of the spirit of a lost love. Is this madness, the terrible result of forbidden love? Or are we truly in a haunted place? A Barber-Surgeon pulls your teeth, tests your urine and shows you a hoard of Viking silver. 

Meet the Archer and test your strength on the Longbow.  Guess which arrow heads went through chainmail.  See how far he could shoot his arrows. Would you like hedgehog pie for dinner?  The Archer loves it as a special treat! And how do these odd Irish Tudors prepare for a feast, perform their ablutions, use weaponry or cure illness and disease? Examine the Tudor toilet facilities! See the Tudor equivalent of toilet roll and be disgusted! You can solve these and other 16th century mysteries at Dalkey Castle, where everything is based on the real history of this beautiful seaside town. This museum has something for everyone and will be enjoyed by adults and kids.

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