Doolin Caves (or Poll-an-Ionain) is a limestone cave near Doolin in County Clare, Ireland, on the western edge of The Burren. The cave is accessible as a show cave and is marketed as Doolin Cave.

The cave was discovered in 1952 by J. M. Dickenson and Brian Varley of Craven Pothole Club, an English caving club based in the Yorkshire Dales. Doolin Cave is member of the Burren Eco-tourism network and holds a gold award from Eco-tourism Ireland for standards of excellence in sustainable tourism.

Doolin Cave is home to the Great Stalactite. At 7.3 metres (23feet) it is the longest free-hanging stalactite in the Northern Hemisphere. The Great Stalactite, suspended from the ceiling like a chandelier, is truly astounding. Visitors can hardly believe that it was formed from a single drop of water over thousands of years.

Extend your journey from underground to above ground on a charming farmland nature trail. Doolin Cave Farmland Nature Trail takes a looped walk, approximately 1km long around the cave setting. There is seating along the trail set amidst native Burren flora and wild flower picturesque valley surrounded by rolling farmland and Burren cliffs with a view to Ballinalacken Castle, it provides wonderful photo opportunities to visitors. The trail is an ideal activity for families in the Burren.

The Garden Cafe at Doolin Cave serves delicious home made soups, light meals, cakes and desserts as well as a wide selection of hot and cold drinks.

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