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Dublinia Museum in Ireland is a heritage centre located in the heart of the medieval city of Dublin, Irelands capital city. There are three exciting exhibitions in Dublinia and a must see for any Vacation in Ireland. Viking Dublin takes the visitor back to life in the city in Viking times. See what life was like onboard a Viking warship, visit a Viking house and take a trip down a Viking street. Investigate burial customs explore the Viking legacy and much more.

Our Medieval Dublin exhibition includes a busy medieval market, a rich merchant’s house, and a noisy medieval street. Find out about death and disease and see what Medieval Dublin looked like with a fascinating scale model of the town.

History Hunters brings our exhibitions full circle and shows the visitor how we know about Dublin’s past. See magnificent artefacts on display, including those found at the famous Wood Quay excavation. Visit an excavation site and delve into historical archives. Discover the Lab and test your knowledge in the Time Detectives. On the Dublin leg of your Tour of Ireland, a tour of Dublin is not complete without a tour to Dublinia, a must see to learn all about Dublin’s colourful history and we look forward to welcoming you.

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