The spectacular Falls of Feugh are located near Banchory in Aberdeenshire. These falls are a short walk away from Balchory centre. There is a stone built Bridge of Feugh footbridge crossing the river and this is exceptionally popular with visitors who watch salmon jumping over in the river. It is a spectacular sight to watch the salmon leap up the fall during spawning season. The best months to see this is September to November and February to March.

Turnpike roads were constructed on the 1800s throughout Scotland and travellers were charged for the use of these roads. The unique design of these houses were so that windows were placed to catch traffic facing both ways. The Bridge of Feugh is an excellent example of a former Toll House.

Enjoy food at the Fall of Feugh restaurant where the ingredients are locally sourced and delivered at consistently high standards. This is an award-winning restaurant and is located on the banks of the River Feugh and the magnificent Falls are right on its doorstep. Both lunch and dinner are served at the restaurant.


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