The Atlantic Ocean has beaten our coast for millennia, shaping and moulding it to the whim of the tides for generations. The Atlantic Drive is a short, but very spectacular road around the Rosguill Peninsula.  The spectacular beauty of the Grand Atlantic Drive will take your breath away.

You will wind through Downings and Rosapenna an area of stunning natural beauty with its abundance of golden Atlantic beaches and rocky headlands. As it is only about 12km, you will best appreciate it if you walk or cycle. The walk can be comfortably accomplished in half a day.

The Grand Atlantic Drive will take you past Granuaile’s Castle, once a watchtower for Ireland’s famous 16th Century pirate queen of Connaught.  You will also drive past the spectacular Cathedral Rocks, mystical water carved cliffs that resemble a Gothic cathedral rising out of the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.  

The stunning coastal beauty of the Grand Atlantic Drive will be imprinted in your memories forever.  It’s rugged beauty, tranquillity and at time awesome power will leave you with lasting memories of your journey along our coastline.

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