The Harry Potter Experience opened in 2012. It came about from the success of the Harry Potter Film series which were made in Leavesden for over ten years. The idea behind the tour is to preserve and showcase the iconic props, costumes and sets from the film so that the visitor can experience the magic of film-making first hand. The tour will take you through some of the film’s most famous Sets such as the “Great Hall” which served as the backdrop to some of the film series’ iconic scenes such as the Yule Ball and the Battle of Hogwarts. Take in the “Forbidden Forrest”, Platform 9-3/4, and Diagon Aley. The experience also takes in some of the memorable Props such as Potion Classroom, Memory Cabinet, Professor Umbridge’s Office and Puking Pastilles. Visit the Creature Effects where there is the chance to learn how magical creatures were brought to life on screen. Also, you will have the chance to see the special and visual effects and discover how Harry and his friends fly. An interesting aspect of the tours to those interested in design and drawings is to see the scale models and to immerse yourself and learn how these were created. This tour promises not to disappoint for anyone interested in the Harry Porter film series.

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