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The iconic House of Waterford Crystal in the heart of Waterford city, comprises of a brand new manufacturing facility, visitor centre and retail outlet. Visitors can enjoy all aspects of the manufacturing process through the factory tour and learn about both historical and contemporary production techniques through direct interaction with the craftsmen and the audiovisual materials. The manufacturing facility contains a brand new continuous melt tank furnace that has been tailor-made to Waterford Crystal’s specifications, and produces two tonnes of molten crystal every day, which produces 45,000 high-end crystal pieces per year. It uses leading edge technology to deliver molten crystal of the highest quality for skilled master blowers to hand-shape and hand-blow into Waterford Crystal’s range of premium products.

The first Waterford glass factory was established at the western end of the riverside quays in 1783, but closed 68 years later because of punitive taxes imposed by the British. Revived last century, the business now employs 700 people, among them highly skilled glass blowers, cutters and engravers. The glass is a heavy-lead crystal made from red lead, silica sand and potash.

The tour of Visitor Experience and Factory takes approximately 1 hour 30/40 minutes and includes a visit to all aspects of the production including: - Mould Making & Crystal Blowing - Quality Inspection & Finishing - Crystal Cutting, Sculpting & Engraving.

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