Inverewe Garden is located in the Scottish Highlands and is a botanical garden. There is the opportunity here to see some rare species thrive in this heritage garden and this is due to the climate, where the Gulf Stream meets the Highlands. There is the chance to learn all about the story between the father and daughter who created the garden in spite of the wilderness on the Atlantic coast in the North West of the Highlands. This is a great place to visit to see the seasonal effects on the plants with an array of colour and scents with lots of creativity. If you want to see Scotland’s major wild life, there is a chance to see red squirrel, red deer, otter, seal and golden eagle and if you are lucky, there is a chance to see the sea eagle. The giant California redwoods offers an excellent back drop of the gardens. This botanical garden is a sight to behold and everywhere you turn there is something spectacular to take your breath away. It could be said that Inverewe marvels the best of human achievement in the natural environment with the heritage garden containing species from all over the world. This place promises to ignite and inspire your creativity after your visit.

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