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It is a little known secret that Ireland is one of the best family vacation destinations around. Your kids will love to climb to the top of our many round towers, visualise fairy’s gathering at some of our famous Stone Age forts and imagining themselves as lords and ladies in our magnificent authentic castles. In other countries historic landmarks continue to be off limits to inquisitive travellers but the ancient buildings and monuments of Ireland are just waiting to be explored. Your family vacation in Ireland is not just about historical landmarks however. Our national parks encompassing hundreds of kilometres of natural woodland, diverse ecology and serene freshwater lakes can be found in Connemara and Kerry and along Ireland’s coastline your family will discover miles and miles of pristine sandy beaches where activities include surfing and horse-riding.

The beauty of our family vacations is that they are ‘one-centred’ and set up in a way that you would just collect our family car rental, drive to your family hotel and check-in for your entire vacation. When you book your family vacation with us you will get an extensive touring pack which will include several day tours which you can take from your base location. You can chose to do all of the day tours, some of them or your family may choose instead to enjoy your hotel and its surroundings. The hotels we have selected for these packages are all family orientated with facilities for kids such as kids club, kids playground and games rooms and facilities for adults including spa treatment rooms and traditional Irish pubs with frequent live music.

We realise that it can be difficult for families to move from hotel to hotel so these tours are ‘one-centred’ (or multi centred if that is your preference) and designed in such a way as you would just pick up your rental car, drive to your hotel location and check in for the duration of your vacation. When you book your tour with us you will get a comprehensive tour pack which will include several day tours that you can chose to take from your base location.

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