Isle of Harris Distillery was the concept of Anderson “Burr” Bakewell, an Anglo- American musicologist who had a deep connection with the island and the community who lived there for many decades. His belief was that rare and elusive spirit of the island could be bottled and transported all around the world. There has been lots of rural decline in Harris over the years with the actual population having halved in the last fifty years. Anderson “Burr” Bakewell believed to slow the long-term decline of the island's population, it was hoped that the distillery for the present and generations to come has a reason to come back to. In 2015 the Isle of Harris Distillery opened for the first time. The distillery continues to thrive and it is having a positive impact in the community by bringing people back to live and work in the community. The Isle of Harris Distillery tour gives you the chance to learn from knowledgeable staff and will give the opportunity to get a feel for island life and get behind the scenes of the distillery and see how whiskey and gin is made. See how the flavours will be developed from the Harris Tweed abacus or the bowls of jellybean flavour!

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