Isle of Harris is part of a group of islands located in the Outer Herbicides. The Hebrides are over 100 miles long and are known as the “long island”. The Isle of Harris is joined to the Isle of Lewis and it has a short border. The Isle of Harris is known for its wide range of landscapes and all these have their own charms and interest. You will be greeted with spectacular beaches on the west coast with large open machair areas. To the north of the island, the rugged mountain has rather a lunar feel to it. On the east coast of the island, the setting is more isolated and it is home to some of the oldest rocks in the world with some dating back over three thousand million years. The rocks are a result of the glaciers of the Ice Age – these areas are known as The Bays because they are full of small inlets populated by small villages that carry their own character. What makes Isle of Harris special is its peacefulness, spectacular scenery and beaches and last but not least the friendliness of the locals.

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