The Kennedy Homestead, birthplace of President John F. Kennedy's great-grandfather Patrick Kennedy, celebrates the story of five generations of the Kennedy dynasty and is still today farmed by his descendants. Joining the multitudes of Irish fleeing the Great Famine, Patrick Kennedy departed from this Homestead for the port of New Ross on a wet day in 1848 to set sail for the United States where his descendants were to become the worlds most famous family.

The Kennedy Homestead is a unique Cultural Museum and Visitor Centre, celebrating this family history like no other.

The Centre graphically illustrates a story of epic proportions, full of triumph and tragedy. Moving from steerage on an immigrant vessel to the slums of Boston, from the Court of St. James to the White House, and the golden era Americans refer to as "Camelot".

Facilities at the Homestead Include The Visitor Centre with its unique collection of John F. Kennedy memorabilia, Audio-Visual Display, Souvenir Shop, Picnic Area, Toilets, Wheelchair Access and extensive Car and Coach Parking facilities.

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