At Molly Gallivan you will experience the simple lifestyle in rural Ireland before the days of electricity and modern conveniences. Molly’s enchanting cottage is over 200 years old. Her farm is complete with animals, fowl and traditional farm machinery.

The house is over 200 years old! Originally a single story thatched cottage, part of which still remains, it was extended, raised and slated in the early 1900s. There has been little change since then. The house as it is today was home to one of Molly’s descendants until 1997. The large open hearth, where the fire rarely if ever went out, was the only energy source providing hot water, heat and cooking facilities.

Molly Gallivan was widowed with seven small children Molly Gallivan had to call on all her resourcefulness to keep body and soul together. She supplemented her meager income by selling part of her farm produce such as butter, eggs and honey on the local market.

Her renowned home baking and spun woolens were ever popular but it was her illicit homemade poitin or whiskey (‘Molly’s Mountain Dew’’) which she sold right in her ‘’sibheen’’ (illegal pub) that proved the most profitable! The exploits of this enterprising widow are legendary.

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