Northumberland National Park is the northernmost national park in England. It covers an area of more than 1030 km² between the Scottish Border in the north to just south of Hadrian's Wall. It is one of the least populated and least visited of the National Parks. The park lies entirely within Northumberland and covers approximately one quarter of a million acres of protected landscape with breathtaking views, crystal clear streams, dark skies for star gazing and rich wildlife havens. The 10,000 year history of the region is explored through the many archaeological sites, ranging from prehistoric monuments and Roman remains to Pele towers, constructed as a defence against Border Reivers.

Northumberland National Park is also rich in wildlife and you can see red squirrels, a rare black grouse and the curlew - a moorland bird with an unforgettable cry that is the emblem of Northumberland National Park.

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