Pembroke Castle (Welsh: Castell Penfro) is a medieval castle standing beside the River Cleddau in Pembroke, West Wales. It has a long and fascinating history, for it was around 1093 that Arnulf de Montgomery built the small inner bailey standing at the end of the promontory. The late 12th century keep is both an outstanding feature and architectural novelty, for it has a massive cylindrical tower with an unusual stone dome. Views from the top are tremendous and the castle's natural defensive position on a rocky promontory overlooking Milford Haven is immediately apparent.

In the middle ages Pembroke was strategically important as  it was one of the main ports for travelling to Ireland. Historically, Pembroke Castle is important for the fact the Harri Tudur, who became Henry VII and inaugurated the Tudor line of monarchs, was born there in 1457 reputedly in the tower now known as the Henry VII Tower.

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