Drive to Cong, location for the 1952 movie The Quiet Man for a short walking tour.

Visit locations from The Quiet Man film such as the dying man's house, Innisfree, Castletown, the river fight scene, 'hats in the air' scene, Rev. Playfairs house, Pat Cohan's Bar and many more.

After the tour explore the Quiet Man Cottage Museum and take in some of the local history. The 35 minute tour contains lots of information and stories from the making of the Quiet Man, and is a real trip into the past.

The Plot of this famous movie is as follows;

Sean Thornton (John Wayne), an Irish-American from Pittsburgh, returns to Ireland to reclaim his family's farm. He meets and falls in love with the fiery Mary Kate Danaher (Maureen O'Hara), sister of the bullying, loud-mouthed landowner "Red" Will Danaher (Victor McLaglen). Danaher at first refuses to sanction the marriage until he is tricked into believing that a wealthy widow will not marry him unless Mary Kate leaves the house. After learning the truth on their wedding day, an enraged Will refuses to give his sister the full dowry to which she is entitled.

Sean couldn't care less, but Mary Kate is obsessed with obtaining her dowry. Enraged at Sean's reluctance to confront her brother, she regards him as a sniveling coward. The truth, however, is known only to one other person in the village, the Church of Ireland minister "Snuffy" Playfair (Arthur Shields). Sean was once a famous boxer in the United States under the name of "Trooper Thorn." After killing an opponent in the ring, he hung up his gloves and vowed never to fight again.

Later, in an attempt to force Sean to stand up to Red, Mary Kate leaves him and boards a train out of the village. Infuriated, Sean drags her off the train and demands her dowry from Red. To Red's horror, Mary Kate and Sean then throw the money into a furnace. Sean and Will slug it out through the village and then become the best of friends. Sean has regained Mary Kate's love and respect, and all is well

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