The village of Roundstone lies on the western arm of Bertraghboy bay in Connemara, Co. Galway, 48 miles (77km) north-west of Galway city. The village is beautifully set on one of the most spectacular coastal drives in Europe overlooking the Atlantic at the foot of Errisbeg Mountain.

Enjoy the views of the island-dotted Atlantic coastline and the Clifden bog from Errisbeg, a small mountain behind the village of Roundstone.

The vicinity is rich in points of historical, geological and scenic interest. The remains of numerous early Christian settlements have been found on the islands along this coast. At the northern point of Inishnee, the long island across the bay from Roundstone, stand the remains of an ancient monument to Saint Brendan. From the island’s southern, point, an impressive lighthouse casts its beacon across Croaghnakeela and St. Macdara’s islands out over the Atlantic Ocean. Two miles north of Roundstone lie the ruins of a 15th century Dominican Priory founded by the O’Flaherty family. The bell tower of the Franciscan Monastery is an impressive nautical landmark used by local fishermen and is now the central feature of the Michael Killeen Park

Today Roundstone is a popular holiday resort renowned among artists and naturalists for the remarkable beauty of the surrounding mountains and seascapes. It has a traditional craft centre and local activities include Pottery, Jewellery and Instrument making. Farming, Fishing, Forestry and Quarrying are carried out extensively in the area.

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