Salthill Garden is located less than 200m of the sea, just outside Mountcharles, County Donegal. This contemporary garden whispers stories of walled gardens past, but today stands independently of trends and restorative themes. Since 1985, four walls, gravel paths, a greenhouse and continual green lawn have been gradually transformed to the present individually styled garden. The evolution continues season by season, always featuring a good selection of perennials, vegetables and shrubs. Now vegetables are grown traditional Donegal style in 12 foot wide ridges around the walls, with the decorative plants in the centre. Planting is designed to give a season long display - starting with daffodils and other spring bulbs, and running through hard working plants like thalictrums, hardy geraniums, lichnis, agapanthus, cardoons, and phlox - and crocosmia wreathe a circular lawn. 

The walled garden creates a microclimate, and gives protection against the winds once used to dry the salt which gives the townland its name.

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