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Take the chance to visit Shakespeare’s Birthplace and immerse yourself in his footsteps and discover the house where he once grew up. William Shakespeare was born in this house and was reared here by his parents as well as his siblings. In his first five years of marriage to Anne Hathaway, he also lived in the house. William Shakespeare was born to parent’s John and Mary Shakespeare who were considerably wealthy and lucky enough to own the largest house in Henley Street in Stratford-upon-Avon in the UK. William was the third of eight siblings. At Shakespeare’s Birthplace you can learn about all the heritage and history of the house from William’s father’s  business as a glove maker in the house to when William inherited it and part of the property became an Inn, called Swan and Maidenhead. After William died the property passed to his daughter Susanna and then to her daughter Elizabeth. In 1847 the property was purchased by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in 1847 and it has been cared for since then. There will be the opportunity to hear about Shakespeare’s family life, enjoy live theatre and get the rare chance to see some rare world class collection of artefacts. The present day walled garden has been planted specifically with flowers and herbs that would have been from Shakespeare’s time.

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