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Small Group Tours of Ireland

The best tour operator for small group tours!

Have you been given the task of organising your family’s tour of Ireland? Or maybe you have been designated as the tour organiser for your church group or perhaps your school’s group tour of Ireland. Whatever type of private group trip you are thinking about arranging in Ireland, why not leave it to us!

We are one of the best travel companies for small group tours of Ireland; our staff are all resident here and know Ireland like the back of their hands. We are experienced in operating small group tours, having been doing it for many years.

The benefits of booking your small group tour of Ireland with the Irish Tourism Group

Each itinerary that we create is tailored to your specific requirements. You just come to us with your ideas and we will put together some suggestions for you. The final decision on what you do while here in Ireland, is entirely up to you. 

We arrange everything; you don’t need to worry about dealing with hotels, attractions, coach companies or guides. 

You don’t need to collect money from your group members, once the itinerary has been agreed, each group member can contact us directly with their booking code to make payments or any changes to their personal details. 

if you need some help whilst you are here in Ireland, we will deal with it on your behalf so your precious vacation time is not interrupted

Below you will find a selection of sample small group tours and vacations to give you an idea of the type of itinerary that can be put together. Please note that these are samples only and every tour we create is tailored to meet your group’s needs.

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