St David’s Cathedral is located in St David’s in the county of Pembrokeshire which is on the most westerly tip of Wales. There has been a church on this site since the 6th century and offerings of worship and prayer have been given to God for the past 1500 years and continues today. It is regarded as one of the special shrines of Christendom. While visiting the Cathedral, you can see the Tower Gate House and Bell Tower and there is a 15 foot high Close wall that was built in the 14th century that enclosed the original cathedral city. The wall was kept together by four gatehouses and the only remaining survivor is The Tower Gatehouse which was used by the medieval town council. The Tower Gate House is the lapidarium where you can see a display of religious stones. Learn about the history and life in the Cathedral through St David’s Cathedral Exhibition. St David’s occupied a special strategic position in medieval times at the junction between land and sea routes between, major land and sea routes. The monarch took an interest in St David’s with William the Conqueror travelling to Wales in 1081 to visit. St David’s Cathedral has several stunning chapels and they are all important in different ways. As you tour you can explore the different chapels: The Becket Chapel, Holy Trinity Chapel, Chapel of St Edward and The Lady Chapel. Tour highlights will include Rose Window, The Cloisters, The Treasury and St David’s Shrine.

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