St. Andrew’s Cathedral is the ruined cathedral of Scotland’s largest and most glorious medieval church. Even today the cathedral is very much a prominent landmark that is clearly visible from the sea. Anyone who visits St Andrews Cathedral will learn about how the cathedral dominated religion in Scotland until 1560 and it was the headquarters of the medieval Scottish Church. While exploring the cathedral, you will see the vast size of the site. Educate yourself with the various information touch points and witness the numerous medieval sculptures and other relics that can be found on site. Discover the imposing wall enclosures that surrounds the cathedral. Some of the highlights of the cathedral include the east gable of the presbytery, where the relic of St Andrew was kept. Also there are superb remains of the south wall of the nave and the cathedrals west front. If you are looking for some breath-taking views over St Andrews town and Fife coastline, climb to the top of the 33m tall St Rule’s Tower.

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