St. Doulagh's Church in Kinsealy occupies the site of a 7th century monastic settlement founded by St Doulagh. The present structure is an amalgam of a 19th century entrance and a 13th century church. A small room called the Hermit's Cell is reputed to be the burial place of the founder.

St Doulagh's Church, is one of two churches in the "United Parishes of Malahide, Portmarnock and St Doulagh's" in Fingal, Ireland. It is the oldest stone-roofed church still in use in Ireland. The church is situated approximately 10 kilometres from Dublin city, just north of the hamlet of Balgriffin.

Very little is known of St Doulagh who gave his name to the church. It is calculated that he lived in the early 7th century and was a hermit/anchorite. He is said to have lived isolated, in a cell attached to the church, and to have had only minimal contact with the outside world. Anchoritism was a feature of the Celtic church and one of many interesting points of similarity between Ireland's early Christianity and the Eastern churches.

The Church is open for regular services every Sunday morning at 10am and guided tours of the church and site of Christian worship.

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