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When we think of the Vikings in Ireland it is common to think of ruthless murderers and plunderers and while this may have been true to some extent, the Vikings deserve credit for shaping the Ireland that we enjoy today. In Scandinavia the Vikings were fishermen and farmers and their expert ship building skills eventually allowed them to travel further afield, initially as invaders and later as traders. The Vikings brought Ireland’s first towns which later evolved into the great Irish cities that you can visit today, namely Dublin, Waterford, Limerick, Wexford and Cork. They introduced coinage, trade and many of the words still in use in the Irish language today.  

Our Viking Tour series will allow you to explore Viking Heritage in Ireland as well as allowing you to explore the scenic beauty of many of our most famous attractions. Choose from Self-Drive tours where you will be able to keep to your own time schedule or a private chauffeured tour where you can experience Ireland with your very own personal driver. Our drivers are highly experienced and informed guides that will make your Ireland vacation the trip of a lifetime!

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