A West End Theatre show is something on any visitors bucket list when visiting London. The West End Theatre is a professional theatre that takes place in theatres in the West End of London. The quality of theatre is of a high level along with New York City’s Broadway theatre. After English Reformation theatre in the city of London flourished. In London’s theatre district there are in the region of forty venues which are all located in or near the West End of London. This area is known as “Theatreland”.  Its boundaries are the Strand to the South, Oxford Street to the North, Regent Street to the West and Kingsway to the East. Lots of the theatres in the West End are of Victorian or Edwardian construction and are privately owned. The architecture is extremely impressive, which feature neo-classical, Romanesque design. They are very luxurious with excellent detail in interior design and decoration. There are always several shows on throughout the year so certainly make a production off and you won’t be disappointed.

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