Bunratty Castle was built in the 15th century by the Earl of Thomond and stands on the banks of the Rathy River. From here The Earl ruled over his Chiefdom and entertained lavishly, in fact he was famous for his hospitality. Join the Earl of Thomond in the splendour of the main guard of Bunratty Castle for a dinner experience not to be missed!

Bunratty Castle, was built in 1425 by the Earl of Thomond. Following his tradition of hospitality, the world renowned Bunratty Medieval Banquet is held twice nightly throughout the year.

Since 1963, the Ladies of the Castle, aided and abetted by the Earl's Butler, have welcomed guests from the four corners of the globe to dine at The Earl's Banquet at Bunratty Castle. The entertainment provided by the world renowned Bunratty Singers is a fitting compliment to a mead reception, a four course meal, and of course good wine.

The Banquet program: Guests reach the Castle after a short atmospheric walk through Bunratty Folk Park to the castle gate where a kilted piper plays a tune of welcome. Cross the drawbridge and enter the castle to the 'Bite of Friendship' offered to protect you within the walls of the castle. To the Upper Great Hall, resplendent with tapestries and furniture of the 16th Century, where you will receive a goblet or two of Mead. The Butler relays the history of Bunratty and you can enjoy a medieval madrigal by the Castle Singers. It is here that the Earl & Lady are crowned for the evening before descending to the banquet hall where bench seating, candle-light and long oak tables reflect the Banqueting style of the medieval era. The 4 course meal is a pleasant balance of contrasting Irish meat dishes served during the period and is accompanied with music and song. After dinner, you are invited to sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment programme - a selection of Irish medieval and traditional songs and instrumental music by 11 Entertainers.

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